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Pros And Cons Of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is considered by many individuals to be a combination of style and functionality.  In previous years, vinyl plank flooring presented with basic geometric shapes; however, nowadays manufacturers are able to provide consumers with styles that are more realistic and similar to real wood.  Of course, aesthetic appeal is not the only factor that a person needs to take into account when choosing flooring.  This article will look at the various considerations to make when choosing vinyl plank flooring by examining the different pros and cons.

  1. Reliability And Durability

When choosing a vinyl plank flooring resource, it is important to consider the type of construction style.  While major manufacturers will provide high-quality options, it is important to remember that backing systems can vary between the brands and the reliability of the plank will differ.  It is often seen that luxury wood vinyl plank floors present with residential warranties but not commercial warranties, which can negatively affect the reliability of the company.

Durability is important to consider when searching for high-quality vinyl plank flooring.  A luxury vinyl plank item that is waterproof is highly beneficial because it will have a mildew inhibitor, which is useful to increase durability.  Furthermore, waterproof planks tend to be hypo-allergenic which also improves durability; however, these need to be checked before making a purchase.

  1. The Price Of The Item

Arguably one of the most beneficial aspects of luxury vinyl plank flooring is the price of the boards.  The cost for this type of flooring has an average price of $2 per square foot, which is great when working on a large space and on a low financial budget.  Of course, when choosing flooring, it is important to make sure you are comparing like with like.  To ensure you are comparing products accordingly and making a suitable long-term investment, it is always recommended that you research flooring within a specific price range. Yelp! can help you find great floorers, try typing in something like flooring Brisbane, or use the biggest closest city to you.

  1. The Grain Styles

As is mentioned above, vinyl plank flooring presents with more than geometric styling, and this can be seen in luxury grain styles.  Presently, it is possible to find luxury vinyl plank flooring in a plethora of wood grain sizes.  This allows you the chance to choose a grain size that closely matches your preferred choice of wood; as well as, the shade of the wood being chosen.  In fact, many cases see vinyl plank flooring mimicking natural woods so well that people are not able to see the difference between the vinyl and the real wood floor.

  1. Easy Installation

There are two basic installation methods available when laying luxury vinyl plank flooring.  The primary method utilises a full spread adhesive application.  It is not recommended as a DIY approach, but there is another option available whereby a person can lay planking independently.  The DIY approach option is known as a self-adhering type and can easily stick directly to the floor. Look for a qualified flooring professional like Tatters Flooring Xtra, when you deal with bigger brands they are generally more quality. How else would the company get so big? Always be on the safe side and get multiple quotes.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

While the use of luxury vinyl plank flooring can be highly beneficial, it can also present with various disadvantages.  Due to the fact that the average vinyl plank is not as thick as natural wooden planks, it is vital that one install additional sub-flooring when laying vinyl plank flooring.  This can be costly and inconvenient.


It should also be noted that vinyl plank flooring is easy to damage during cleaning and only certain types of solvents can be used.  When choosing the vinyl flooring, it is important to consider the type of planks and research the cleaners that can be used on these items without damaging them.